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product design & prototyping

We work side by side with each of our customers. We can help with product design, 3D printing a working prototype and everything in between. With every customer having their own unique needs and requirements, communication throughout the entire process is very important. We listen, and we deliver as promised.

3D printing services

We offer 3D printing services for your designs. We don’t just print it, we print it the way you expect it. High print standards at an affordable cost.


Having trouble getting your 3Dprinter to produce quality parts? Most desktop 3D printers very rarely work as advertised right out of the box. We understand the challenges and can help you get up and running as quickly as possible.

mission statement

Our core mission is to design and develop products that make a difference. Whether it is our own products, or helping others bring their visions to reality, we will do it in the fastest, most efficient, fantastic way possible.

foundational excellence

We pride ourselves in attention to detail and customer satisfaction. We do this by providing the right kind of experience, the right kind of execution, the right kind of thinking & the right kind of products.


Our Founders have enjoyed a long background in the design, sales, and support of a broad range of electronics and software technologies. With the birth of the affordable desktop 3D printer, the renewed vigor for open-source platforms, and the communities of makers emerging from the products created, they saw the opportunity to apply their experience and become part of what has been called:
"The third industrial revolution"

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